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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thing # 16: To Wiki or not to Wiki

What a great idea! I am constantly amazed at all the terrific tools and apps out there that I was totally unaware of before 23 Things entered my life. For most classes and all libraries, this would be a perfect way to coordinate ideas for students and possibly for parents. I think that for me, it would be hard to use it now for my students because they are at a different level in regards to technology usage. However, I am considering setting up a Wiki to use with my parents of my students. I liked another posting I read from a student's blog mentioning posting on a Wiki information about supplies. I could use a Wiki to post information to all of my student's parents about parent conferences and trainings, supply lists, school menus, calendar information, etc. Thanks to Lee Lefever from the Common Craft videos for his helpful Wikis in Plain English video I was able to find several Wiki sites to use when I am ready. I will probably use either PB Wiki or Wikispaces for Educators to set up my classroom Wiki. Thanks again 23 Things for providing such great ideas that can be used both in my current situation with my classroom and in my future career as a librarian.


VWB said...

I think using a wiki with your parents is a great idea! Hope you have as much success with your wiki(s) as I have had with mine!

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