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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thing #23 Is it really the end?

I can not believe I actually finished what seemed like such a daunting task when I first began this journey of discovery. Now I feel like I have just finished an exceptionally good series of books and I don't want it to end. And yes, I know it will not be ending, but only beginning. Now that I have some understanding of these fabulous tools, I will search and play for many more hours to come.

1. I think I enjoyed learning about all of the tools, but my favorite would be the Big Huge Labs to make trading cards and other fun creations with pictures. I also loved making my own photo story in Photo Story 3. Also, who can resist looking on You Tube for fun and useful videos.
2. I think that 23 Things has begun a new age of discovery for me in a quest for knowledge. I am going to be very busy in the years to come learning more about these and other Web 2.0 tools and applications.
3. Everything about 23 Things surprised me. Probably what surprised me the most was how much fun I actually had completing each activity.
4. I think the format was set up well. It is extremely organized and I especially love how much information and training was provided on each topic before requiring us to create our own products.
5. Yes, I would definitely participate. Again, I am sad to be finished. I think we should continue the blogs and share information about other sites we discover along the way.
6. 23 Things helped me in my quest to seek knowledge in the world of Web 2.0.
7. Now to go comment....

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