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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thing # 13: Tag Your It!

Delicious or Diigo, that became the question of the hour. And the winner is Diigo for me. I did follow the discovery exercise guidelines and played on Delicious for a while. I even set up an account. However, in this exercise we are also asked to check out other social bookmarking sites as well. I have to say that by far, for me, Diigo was much more user friendly. I like the way the site is organized; crisp, clean and again, easy to use. I was able to find several groups and tags that are helpful to me within the first few minutes of searching. At this stage in my life, I need easy and manageable. Balancing home life, teaching, and school work means I need search engines, tools, sites that speak to me. Diigo not only spoke to me, I think it was singing my song. I liked it so much I decided to share and send out invitations to several class members to share this bookmarking site with them.
I can definitely see the potential for bookmarking and in Diigo you can share your ideas with others in your social networking community. I tagged subjects that are dear to my heart, Special Education, Autism, Education, etc. Hopefully in time, others will enjoy what I find and I will search for articles and sites that others have shared with me.
You can also set up a blog page in Diigo, which is another feature I liked. Now that I know how to blog, I find it fun and another great way to share ideas.
One of the best features of Diigo is that it allows you to highlight text and use sticky notes.
I think that both libraries and classrooms could benefit from using bookmarking. If I was looking for specific resources I could look under a tag and find what I need quickly and readily. As so many of the sites and tools we have studied in the 23 Things, bookmarking helps to organize what you use for personal use or professional use.

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redone said...


Your post reflects extensive research. I agree that easy and manageable is good! I also chose Diigo for the same reasons you listed. It seems to be perfect for the type of research that we are doing. The group 'Teaching and Learning with Web 2.0' has lots of great bookmarks and is the first group I joined. Thanks for the review! I hope to see you around the Diigo network!

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