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Monday, March 22, 2010

Thing # 10

Thing #10: On-Line Image Generators:

This exercise was fun. I could play with this for hours, if I only had the time. I know for a fact that many of these generators can be used in the library or classroom. A librarian could set up her own glogster to demonstrate to students. She could have a trading card as we have already discovered. I know glogsters and wordles are fun for students as they are creating presentations to make the information more exciting and pop! I had fun with several, but I am only going to show two examples. There is not enough room for all of the images I would like to download or save. I played with Dumpr and created a picture from a shopping trip with my girlfriends in the Heights. We were just goofing around in a store and took a picture. I also had fun discovering ImageChef and created a picture of one of my favorite things, butterflies.

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VWB said...

Dumpr is one of my favorite sites...I love the Amazing Circles...it fun to see if anyone can guess the original image. I also love squishing images with Amazing Goo!

P.S. Please go back and use the title boxes for your posts. compare your #8 with the last few you have written!

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