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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thing #8

Thing #8 :

RSlS feeds are like one stop shopping. They are to technology and information acess what Walmart is to shopping. It is all on one page and in one place. I love this. This will save me so much time once I have subscribed to all the news sites and blogs I want on my Google Reader, I will be thrilled to have all my information at my fingertips! Literally.

I believe that this will be great for me to personally use at home. I tend to get lost on the internet when searching for information. Sometimes I loose valuable time searching the web. Hopefully now I can eliminate the extra searching and find most of what I need on my Google Reader.

I know that as a librarian RSS feeds can provide an organized page to place many different sites that could be used to help one's students. A librarian can check other librarian blogs to find out the latest news in the world of information science. They can stay on top of the latest local and national news and information that they can share with their students and teachers. I am sure the list of possibilities is endless.


Anonymous said...

I agree! It's so easy to keep up with RSS feeds by just opening Google Reader. It makes all of this info a little more manageable! ;-) I'm finding that, with a few of my subscriptions, I am not reading them as much as others. My next challenge will be to "unsubscribe" from a few.

KatieD said...

Luka, I agree. I think once we're done looking at 23 Things it's a good idea to go back and unsubscribe on some of the "things"! It can turn into information overload!!

BJ said...

When I remember to check on the feeds, I, too, find feeds that I am not interested in reading. However, as I learn to choose feeds more carefully, I am rewarded by articles that directly relate to what I am looking for. My goal is to remember to check Google Reader more often so I don't miss out on those great articles.

OneAngryTurtle said...

RSS Feeds title alone incorporates a certain inherent informational gluttony. I found this to be really interesting because even as a somewhat tech-savy guy I never use them. Quickly, like my Netflix queue, I went from 3 to 15, and 15 to 25. It is an information overload. It is also something that really needs to be practiced over time. If you are not checking your reader constantly, you will be awash in cyber-info. Also, we are not in the luxury of being in a profession where we can constantly check the updates. It becomes something to do at home and that takes up our time. I am fickle about RSS Feeds but I am hopeful for what we can do with them.

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