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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thing # 11

Thing #11: LibraryThing

I really could get carried away with all of these useful sites and tools. I could seriously get lost in discussions with the other members in the groups I chose for LibraryThing. I chose three groups to start with in the cataloging site. My choices reflect my favorite genres. I chose the Crime, Thriller, and Mystery group. I always get drawn into the world of serial killer novels and the hero or heroine's quest to solve the murder(s). I also chose The Green Dragon group which is a fantasy, mythology, and sci fi group. I enjoy all of C.S. Lewis's books and Tolkien. My last group is the Read YA Lit group. I am a sucker for Young Adult literature. I think that that time in one's life is such an exciting and ever changing period. Everything seems so important to a young adult. Their stories reflect this excitement and zest for life. I know that LibraryThing will be a useful tool for me now. I will be able to start to learn about what other people find to be worthwhile books. I can eliminate the selection of books that may not be well respected. In the future, I believe that LibraryThing can help me to organize both my personal and school libraries.


VWB said...

Isn't it fun to interact with people who have similar reading interests? And the YA group will come in useful for your YA literature course I bet!

Math Chicks said...

Don't forget this can help you organize your kiddos books as well. I know I have a really bad shopping habit when it comes to books. I buy way more than is needed and sometimes several copies of the same book because I always forget what I already have.
Awesome family picture by the way.

OneAngryTurtle said...

I really enjoyed this post because honestly I could hear your voice while reading it. The word "TWILIGHT" kept echoing in my head. I am not a big library thing user since i prefer Shelfari but I totally agree with the goals they both accomplish. It is great to use for kids as well since they can be motivated by others who are reading the same thing. When we think about the school library, it is rare for many students to be reading the same book at the same time. Using these sights, we can increase our familiarity and comfort with the digital realm through book groups. I greatly enjoyed your post.

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