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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thing #7

Thing #7
I really enjoyed this activity. I have used Google for years to search the web, but never realized how many applications Google had created. I set up an iGoogle page and customized my page to personalize it to my interests.

I was surprised to find out how easy it was to find educational presentations to use in a classroom. I decided to look up a power point presentation on snakes and found plenty of material I would be able to use in a classroom if studying this subject. For example, I looked up ppt and snakes and found several power points to view. I always get lost when looking at the reptile exhibit at the zoo. I find snakes fascinating.

I did not realize that I already had Google docs and Google calendar. My husband and I share the same e-mail account and he is already using these applications. I added several dates to our calendar and will continue using this for my calendar. I love the fact that like Outlook it can send reminders for upcoming events. I explored the Picasa Web Album, but was not sure how it works when it comes to copyright. There was no creative commons to share pictures, so I was not sure if all of the pictures are free to use.

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