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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thing # 9

Thing # 9: RSS Feeds
While searching for RSS feeds I stumbled upon several great blogs that I thought would be useful on my road to the access of information. I must say I can really relate to two blogs in particular. Though I am not a young adult anymore, I love reading young adult literature. The Crooked Shelf and the YA Addict review books that meet my love for this genre.

I can get lost reading books about the fantasy world of witches, werewolves, and vampires. Books are a great form of escapism for me. I absolutely love to read about the "unreal". I took the advice of Vicki Davis of The Cool Cat Teacher blog. She mentioned that one of the best ways to begin your search for RSS feeds is to search the blogs of those you do admire. For example, I enjoy the Serpentine Library. This blog reviews many different books and shares insight on up and coming authors.

I searched on Technorati and Bloglines and appreciated their streamlined approach to organizing blogs. They make it easy for someone to find subjects by inserting key words in the search bar. It eliminates the dead time of looking up information like a search for the old needle in the haystack. In today's world of quick and easy, we need information and we need it now. Who wants to wait? It was interesting to find a quick reference to the award winning blogs in Edublogs. I was surprised to not find some of the blogs I have often found in my search for library news. For example, I do not think Doug Johnson's blue skunk blog was mentioned. I have read several articles by him while reading information for my discussion question posts.
I was not impressed with the layout of Topix.net and Syndic8.com. It was hard to even look at the format of these two sites. I would not consider either of these as very user friendly.
Thanks to this activity I now feel like I have started my very on extensive library catered to my tastes, with all the information in one location.


VWB said...

When looking at the Edublog Awards...best sure to look at the list of nominated blogs as well as the winners. You will see blogs such as Blue Skunk nominated...and often nominated more than once!

tinkerbell said...

Thanks. I will have to remember this. I really have enjoyed his articles and he writes in such a way to make learning more engaging to his audience.

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